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A fairytale-like story

In the heart of the seaside Preveza, is a sweet-like praline place where one can fulfill all their sweet desires – the Praline Pastry Shop. A dream that became an idea and matured over time is now being realized to share our sweet secrets through the recipes born from our talent and passion.

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A confectionery microcosm

Praline means more than just a simple pastry shop. Praline is a confectionery microcosm that embraces beauty, refined taste enjoyment, modern aesthetics, and much more, all of which you will discover by visiting us!

Our pastry workshop offers customers a unique experience as everything unfolds in front of them: the desserts are handmade, and we make them with pure local ingredients in front of you. We place them at the sweet shop counter to be packaged and delivered to you. Every sweet delight found on your spoon is exclusively crafted by us for you with absolute respect and love!

Fresh ingredients

Our fresh ingredients, such as Epirotic milk for making our sweets, combined with the passion and imagination we possess as inherent talents, enable us to create beloved desserts due to their exceptional taste and quality. Chocolatey, sugary, and fluffy praline desserts come to life with incredible charm that no one can resist!

Our sweet creations are made from pure, natural ingredients using handmade methods. This quality gives our products the genuine and unparalleled taste you deserve!

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Innovative pastry ideas

At Praline Pastry Shop, flavors meet art. The joy of sweet indulgence represents the core of our philosophy. We are proud to bring unique flavors into your life through the magic of pastry, with the professionalism and love reflected in each of our creations.

We are here to take you on a journey through our top-quality desserts with one purpose: to bring smiles to your faces and make every moment unforgettable. Welcome to the world of sweet indulgence, welcome to Praline!

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What our customers say about us
Last Sunday, we had our son's birthday and christening, so we ordered the desserts and the cake from Praline. As for the cake and desserts, they left the best impressions on our guests!
Dimitra Terz
Exceptional ice creams and sweets. Excellent quality and service. Beautiful and clean
The most delicious stuffed tsoureki, the best ice creams, and everything I've tried is worth it ♥️ Kind and courteous service! Make sure to visit it.
Nina P
Despite the heat, we couldn't resist the chocolate soufflé, so we decided to accompany it with ice cream!!!! Everything was excellent, and the prices were unbelievable!!!
Roula Loli
Without any exaggeration, it is the best pastry shop I have ever visited in terms of quality!! Every time I've gotten desserts, they are fresh and delicious, not just standardized sweets! For this reason, I chose to get my wedding desserts from here!
Dimitra Fountoglou
They suggested that we go to Praline for dessert and ice cream. Today, we visited it, and everything we tried was fresh ice cream with incredible flavors and many options that are not easily found.
Andriana Christopoulou
The best flavors, prices, and service!! Wonderful ice cream, divine sugar-free cake, dreamy tarts all fantastic and very economical!! Bravo to you!
Xrysa Tektonidi
It is a lovely pastry shop with delicious ice cream and more. The prices are very reasonable, not touristy. Very good service. Bravo, they do the difference.
Bill Karatzas
We got 8 different sweet desserts. It was fresh and delicious. I recommend it with closed eyes.
Labrini Avgouli
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